pmdwlw is a plugin that integrates PMD into the BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1.x environment.

Please note that Workshop 9.x is based on Eclipse and this plugin is not needed.

Written by Kevin Conaway and sponsored graciously by BearingPoint



Before you download the plugin, you must have:

Please see the SourceForge download section to get the latest release.


To use the plugin:

  1. Once you have installed PMD, copy the .jar files from ${PMD_HOME}/lib to ${BEA_HOME}/workshop/lib
  2. Copy pmdwlw.jar to ${BEA_HOME}/workshop/extensions
  3. Add the path to pmdwlw.jar to the cp (classpath) variable in ${BEA_HOME}/workshop/workshop.cfg
  4. Start Workshop and enjoy!

Note that ${BEA_HOME} and ${PMD_HOME} refer to the directories where you have installed BEA WebLogic and PMD respectively